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Signs of an Abusive Relationship [online or in the real world]



  • They push for quick involvement.  
  • There is jealousy. 
  • They are controlling. 
  • They have very unrealistic expectations. 
  • There is isolation. 
  • They blame others for their mistakes. 
  • They make everyone else responsible for their feelings. 
  • There is verbal abuse.
  • They have sudden mood swings. 
  • They have abused others in the past.
  • There are threats of violence or self harm.


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Anonymous asked: I'm really sorry if you've already gotten this question (and I'm sure you have multiple time), but how did the drama between tumblr and 4chan even start? And why has it escalated to the point where I can't follow others without them being suspicious of my intent??


ya know what is the dominant topic on tumblr? equality! and you know what 4chan hates? take a wild guess :D

so 4channers are mad at tumblr and what do they do? spam the most popular tags. people started signal boosting. raised awareness thus the first step of the plan failed. naturally the second step has to be more advanced a.k.a hacking blogs,following and harassing people and shit. for more info of what 4chan is refer to this (tws and nsfw content)

I’ve been informed by another anon that this movement caused a suicide lately and not to mention 4channers caused the deaths of many before (which makes them proud!) so :

  1. if you get new followers,be cautious! avoid iconless blogs check the url and if you can just avoid the follower section completely
  2. avoid posting selfies or at least don’t tag them
  3. they started editing text posts and links recently so careful
  4. close your submit box
  5. avoid these tags even if you don’t suffer mental illness and PTSD and you think you’re safe,you’re not! don’t let the curiosity beat you,the content they post can be highly disturbing for anyone
  6. don’t message them,don’t fight back! ignore,block. don’t feed them attention
  7. don’t take them serious.
  8. internet wars are just…bakaful!!

here is my thorough answer to this matter because I will not be discussing this any further,thanks

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hey if you’re new around here or even if youve been following me for a long time

this is a reminder that you’re 100% welcome to respond to anything and everything i say. send me asks commenting about posts or telling me about your day, or random facts or questions or aNYTHING I LOVE HUMAN CONTACT AND ANY ATTEMPT YOU MAKE TO CONNECT WITH ME IS A BEAUTIFUL THING

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I recently got done new followers, and I’d like to welcome you all to this party! Once again, I’d like to let you all know that I’m much more active on my sideblog likeasackofpotatoestotheface, so if you like my content, you can find more of it there. I love each and every one of you, and I look forward to our time together!